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Allow me to introduce you to Jonathan DeWaal

Posted on Wednesday, August 10th, 2011 by Sanctuary staff

I am delighted that Jon is a member of our staff here at Sanctuary.  Once in awhile I catch a glimpse of someone entering or leaving his office, and I love seeing the hope in their posture and peace on their face that comes from their time with him.

Jon is a spiritual director, and his specialty is working with people who are at a crossroads in life or who want to take their career in a new direction, a moment in life he calls Liminal Space.  I promise, you know someone who needs to meet with Jon!  What’s exciting about his work is that he gets to our deep-heart need to live a life that’s meaningful.  God has knitted particular passion and gifts into each one of us, and when Jon walks alongside someone who feels stuck or uncertain, they find themselves able to live into stronger alignment with who God made them to be.

He’s created a powerful curriculum that he customizes for each client – he calls it the Liminal Journey .  Jon is gifted in asking that penetrating question that sheds new light
and opens the path to forward movement.  He’s respectful of each person he works with and full of compassion for the struggles of finding our way.  But he’s also humbly willing to press into indecision and stagnation and is faithful to keep pursuing the truth until things get clear.

I’m thrilled to work alongside Jon for many reasons.  First, he’s a good man, and I personally benefit from how he calls out the best in me.  Second, I see him do good Christian work, engaging in the places where people can’t see and are bound and bringing them sight and freedom.  This alleviation of suffering and imparting of hope is precious, and if it never went farther, his work would be of eternal value.  But my third reason for gratitude is that Jon’s work does go beyond his office.  When he helps someone move into their true vocation, their gifts are unleashed!  The ripple effects of this transformation are more than my mind can comprehend.  But I know it’s good, and I know I want to spread the word.  I hope you’ll keep Jon in mind as a resource when someone you care about is in a crossroads and looking for direction!

For more information about Jon and the work he does, please visit his bio, his Liminal Space website, or call him at 425-774-8049.

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